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Come Get Your Fix

Come Get Your Fix

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A very special screenprint! 2 months in the making!

I've tried to capture the beauty and sparkle of the print as best as possible in the photos but its one of those prints that's just so much more amazing once you see it in the flesh...Viewings are always welcome, email me.

8 layer hand pulled screen-print. 4 layers of ink went down first to create the colour background and then 4 layers of solvent adhesive. Each layer of adhesive was followed with hand applied top grade glitter. 

solvent based application - the glitter will not deteriorate over time :)

Edition 35.

395 x 395mm 

300gsm Madrid Litho

signed and editioned  

Sold unframed, flat packed, wrapped in acid free tissue and shipped in a sturdy solid cardboard padded envelope.

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